5 points of etiquette for same-sex weddings

Same-sex weddings are becoming increasing common. Still, traditions are not established, and many couples, as well as their friends and family, often have questions of etiquette.

Ultimately, many issues surrounding a same-sex wedding are flexible and personal, and you should decide what the perfect wedding means for you. However, here are our answers to some common questions that we often come across.

Who proposes? Each couple is different, and who proposes will be an agreement that each couple makes differently. A marriage proposal can be spontaneous, or it can be a decision that the couple makes jointly. It can even be a race to see who can come up with a romantic surprise first. Finally, one piece of reasonable advice is that the partner who proposes should be the one who was more reserved about the legal commitment of marriage.

Pre-parties—together or separately? In a same-sex marriage, the friends of one partner are frequently also the friends of the other partner. In this case, it doesn’t make so much sense to have separate pre-parties, although these do happen occasionally. However, the trend is actually to skip pre-parties altogether, and to simply focus on having a great party after the ceremony in which everyone can participate.

Who will you walk with down the aisle? The tradition of being given away by the parent might still be followed in some same-sex weddings, but it’s increasingly common for the couple to walk down the aisle together. This part of the ceremony strongly signifies equality and unity, and it’s even becoming popular among opposite-sex couples for this reason.

Who pays? Traditionally, the families of the couple contributed to the costs of the wedding. However 86% of same-sex couples pay for their weddings themselves. This makes the wedding free from outside pressures and allows the couple to choose what they think is best.

Taking the last name? While it’s not common for one of the partners to take the last name of the other partner, it certainly happens occasionally. It’s a personal decision, but one that you might want to consider.

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